Rainey Walker Series August 2011 Updates

L. D. Alan  writes:

I have been working on the 3rrd story in the Rainey Walker series. The book is tenatively titled “The Last Victim” and is expected to be published in early 2012.

I am at a critical juncture in the story… trying to decide if I kill off the main serial killer in this story. allow him to be captured, or let him get away?  Do I  insert  (SK) into the story and then kill SK off or allow her a cameoo appearance and have her resurface in another story?

Readers of Gotcha!, the 2nd book in the series  told me they were intrigued and loved the suspense of having two killers operating in the story:  SK and Copycat. Do I bring SK into this 3rd story or not?  If I do that means another thriller with two serial killers on the loose wreaking death and destruction.

The serial killer in The Last Victim is nothing at all like SK and Copycat. He is as ugly as are the horrendous crimes he commits.  This killer is secretative and has flown under the wires of law enforcement for over 20 years.  He has never sought publicity.  But even mastermind srial killers end up making a mistake. This cunning killer’s victims and his methodology ares now in the glaring headlines nationwide and his anger at being outed is focused on Rainey. Like all serial killers he is to arrogant to admit his outing was due to his own mistake.  

I am approaching the halfway mark as far as the story goes and the page count I want. I have to decide soon which of the possibilities I have been fleshing out will be the one that completes this new thriller.

I kinda like my SK character and will miss her and the multiple personalities she has developed if I kill her off…but then I don’t want her to become boring or predictable either!

I am also thinking it would be a refreshing change if the law wnforcmwnt officers got to capture or kill the serial killers they hunt instead of the killer getting away or done in by another  killer who taunts them or the Echo Team and Rainey.

Another storyline to consider while writing the second half and ending to The Last Victim.


About raineywalkerseries

I am a retired State Polce Sergeant. A 26 year veteran and worked as a small city cop in the mid 1970s. I began my professional writing career after I retired. I enjoy reading crime novels and spending time with family and friends. I hope readers are enjoying this new serial killer mystery series and I look forward to hearing from readers.
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