Gotcha! by L. D. Alan

“Catch me if you dare.”  The taunting note of the SK serial killer still haunts ex FBI Agent Rainey Walker a year later.

She tries to put the case and loss of her home and best friend behind her, but knows the fear plaguing her nightmares will be with her as long as the danger of SK resurfacing exists.

She is not surprised when retired Army investigator Jonah Daniels barges back into her life. Rainey despises Jonah and blames him for bungling the Arizona investigation and causing SK’s escape.

Jonah claims SK is active again, this time in Los Angeles. He tells Rainey the LAPD task force has discounted his warnings and believes the serial killer operating in LA is a copycat and the task force is busy chasing a phantom.

Agreeing to go to LA and help Jonah and his Echo team, Rainey is determined that this time the deadly serial killer will be stopped once and for all.

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Rainey was frightened, shivering, and filled with dread. She heard the screaming and fought her way to consciousness through the fog induced by the sleeping pills she had taken.  She clapped her hand over her mouth when she realized that, once again, it was her own screams from the relentless nightmare that awakened her.

For months after Sara’s death and the Scarf Killer’s escape from Arizona, Rainey dreamed about that night in the hospital. Lieutenant Jerald had held her hands and said, “It’s about Sara. Rainy, I don’t know any other way to tell you this, but just give it to you straight. Sara got to your house, opened the front door, and the bomb SK planted exploded. I’m so sorry, Rainey but Sara is gone.”

Rainey had jerked her hands away from the lieutenant and covered her ears, screaming “No! No!”That’s when everything went dark and Rainey had slipped into unconsciousness.

The week following Sara’s death was still a blur. DC Britt had flown to Arizona on one of the FBI’s private planes and had taken charge of everything. He made sure the closed casket of Sara’s remains was flown back to her family for burial. He registered Rainey at a downtown Phoenix hotel, where she stayed until the preliminary paperwork on the bombing of her home was filed with the police department and the insurance company. Rainey had signed her name on the mountain of paperwork where DC told her to sign. He had tried to tell her about the captain, but Rainey was too angry and bitter to listen. She didn’t care if the Captain pulled through or not. DC didn’t argue with her.

Three days after the destruction of her grandparents’ home and Sara’s murder, Rainey traveled back to New York with DC. The FBI, with Sara’s family, held a memorial service for Sara that was a blur in Rainey’s memory.

Rainey never returned to work for the FBI. DC asked her to take more leave before making that decision, but Rainey was adamant. SK was still out there, somewhere and Rainey vowed never again to be constrained by bureaucratic red tape. Six weeks after Sara’s burial, Rainey visited the cemetery where Sara was buried. It was then that she made up her mind to go back to teaching and free-lance consulting. It was then Rainey decided to prepare for the day she would meet SK again.

The sudden appearance of Captain Daniels yesterday and his softly spoken words, “She’s on the hunt in California. SK. I need your help,” had triggered the nightmare that had slowly faded over the past year.

“Oh, Sara!” Rainey sobbed into her pillow as silent tears rolled down her cheeks.



4 Responses to Gotcha!

  1. Saba says:

    Masha Allah! I love the cover!! 😀 Looks like it is going to be another hit! 🙂

  2. saara says:


    ‘Gotcha!’ sure sounds as if it’s going to be a great book; just as compelling and thrilling a read as ‘Catch me if you Dare.’ Can’t wait!

  3. Very cool cover. Eye catching!

  4. Susan Kersten says:

    Sounds like a great read for the mystery readers out their especially those who love serial killers.

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