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 News Headlines Allege Muslim Communities And Leaders Don’t Cooperate With Law Enforcement.

Retired State Police Sergeant Writes A New Book Series Showing Why A Lack Of Cooperation May Exist.

TEMPE, ARIZONA: Author and publisher, Linda Delgado, aka L. D. Alan, raises the questions, “Is there a widespread problem with Muslims living in the USA not cooperating with law enforcement? If there is a lack of cooperation, is it specific to a limited number of USA geographic areas or more wide spread as alleged?”

Delgado asserts the questions should be considered by Muslims and non-Muslims in a manner that seeks not to point fingers or blame,  rather to find  the ‘whys’ for any problems and take actions to effect  positive change.  

Delgado continues, “In the first book in my new Rainey Walker Series, Catch Me If You Dare, a serial killer is stalking and killing Muslim women. The story shows readers what happens between investigators and Muslim community leaders and why the Muslim community is reluctant to work with law enforcement to catch the killer.

The second book in the series, Gotcha!, shows readers a very different Muslim community in a different geographic location. This Muslim community and leaders work actively with law enforcement officers in the investigation and efforts to catch the serial killer.

Delgado says the contrast between the two Muslim communities and the law enforcement agencies demonstrates the underlying reasons for a lack of cooperation.

“The distrust between the police and the Muslim community is an intriguing story line.  Catch Me If You Dare is also peppered with mini descriptions of life in western Muslim communities.” Aisha Stacey, Editor

“I enjoyed reading Catch Me If You Dare and would recommend it to others who enjoy realistic crime dramas. L.D. Alan is clearly very familiar both with police work and the American Muslim community, and writes about them with authority.” Pamela K. Taylor, Journalist

 Journalists: Delgado’s pen name is L.D. Alan. She is available for interviews: 480-894-6014. Email –

Catch Me If You Dare – Author: L. D. Alan, Print ISBN 978-0981977027, Published 4/30/2010

Gotcha! Author: L. D. Alan, Print ISBN 978-0-9819770-5-8, Just Published 2/14/2011

Rainey Walker Series:



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