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 6/2011 – Review at –Reviewed by Angela Soumas – United Kingdom   Gotcha!  By L.D. Alan

 As with ‘Catch Me If You Dare’ Gotcha! is a totally satisfying read, pulling you in from the first page. It’s a story all in its own right yet continuing beautifully from the last installment.  I like the true to life characters, the very realistic storyline; you could tell the author is an expert in the field of investigation and the inner workings of the different law enforcement departments.

I recommend it! It’s clean reading, something sorely missing from today’s mystery novels. Again I’m looking forward to the next part. Good work Linda!

5/9/2011 – Review of Gotha! by Balqees Mohammed
In this second of the Rainey Walker series, L.D. Alan shows once again expertise in knowledge of themes that only those from venues of law enforcement can possibly have access to, in addition to insight into the Muslim community within the American society, not to mention uncanny insight into the criminal mind, as only the most professional profiler could. As with the first book of this series, “Catch Me If You Dare”, “Gotcha!” proves to be a total and satisfying novel within its own rite, yet picks up cleverly where the previous novel left off without missing a step, and eventually leaves the reader desiring more with the hope of yet another sequel to follow. Never boring in the talented weave of the mystery that unfolds, L.D. Alan craftily avoids the need to delve into explicit sexual scenes, gory horrid details of violence or obscene language, while presenting the highest quality of mystery entertaining to young adults and elders alike. A breath of fresh air in today’s age of increasingly explicit scenes bombarding us from all angles, L.D. Alan’s work is highly recommended for all desiring a return to the validity of a clean suspense which can engage even the most anxious of minds


2 Responses to Book Reviews – Gotcha!

  1. Yousuph Ola 'Azeez says:

    I had severally clicked Rainey Walker series’ link, read two or more lines at a glance and left, but TRU COP STORIES hooked me from the begining. ‘The mute Criminal’. It is captivating, thrilling and suspense-filled. I later found out that the past editions which I did not read were simply superb.
    The author being an Ex- Police officer takes away even the slightest fictitiousness of the story and arrest the readers’ attention the more.
    Rainey Walker series are sure references for writers seeking Sets and Plots of 70s, 80s and 90s policing in the US.
    I enjoyed the stories.

    • Yousuph
      I am glad you enjoyed the true cop stories. I try to write and publish at least one new story each month, sometimes two if I find the time. I usuall announce the stories at my Twitter- Cop2867. 🙂

      I am sorry the content about my two new books in my Rainey Walker serial killer mystery series did not engage your interest. The police investigations shown in these stories are accurate and lend credibility and reliability to the quality of the stories.

      L.D. Alan

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